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 Post subject: Hello .. I make video - games over faith/spiritual standards
PostPosted: Tue May 24, 2022 9:54 pm 
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Hi . .

I'm currently making a video - game, where the topic is salvation, and morality . .

I find, that the modern world, esp. media can be a place of vanity, pride, greed, also perhaps sloth, even envy . .

The teachings of the saints, I found have helped me very much, to make sense of this mess, this ' beast ' the modern world wants people to believe in, at times . .

I made some art, after years of meditation, also prayer, of the ' bad ' parts of media . .

So, after some time, of meditation, some years, with the help of catholic saints, I think I've made sense of the mess, that confronts me, sort-of ' Hell ' in disguise, in this case, as media ...

On the one side, really want to make video - games, even sell content, on the other, I know I am better off following the saints, and, if I have to make anything, it's on the terms of the saints, or, the church .. Took me too long to realize, the saints were right, believed in the wrong 'power', and was led astray .. I do like some of the stuff on tv, but the majority is compromised, and, I'd rather be a christian, than follow their example, to my own degradation, reg. ethics, etc .. I realize some of it is ' fine ', etc, and I may be exaggerating a bit, however, I am mostly right, I think by now, that making media, modern culture, or art, can be very difficult, esp. for the unwise, or uneducated, reg. faith, virtue, or wisdom, etc . .

So, after years of looking for meaning, purpose, or even happiness in the modern world, I've realized that nobody 1. knows what they're doing, 2. they don't care, or 3. they're stark-raving mad / loony . . It's odd for someone that grew up secular to realize, how many, also various kinds of lies, or abuse, one is fed these days by OTHER living people, one should think, sensible, and just honest people, runs on a very thin layer of ice, it's immoral, decadent, revelry, or perhaps word is degradation, etc .

Anyway, maybe taking it too serious, but I know I'm much better off with the teachings of the saints, also, orthodox tradition, than what the modern world spoon-feeds me .. Many of them are lying, some don't care, and, the last option is that they're crazy / oblivious, etc ..

Hope to have some fun here, talk about my interests, might need some help from the moderators, what is really fitting here, gonna keep it short, and, never lose sight of the church, #thx . . .

NOTE FROM ADMIN: I removed the links to your images. If anyone is interested in seeing them, they can send you a private message for the links. I have seen the images, and they seem to be safe for viewing.

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