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 Post subject: Music Revealing the Greater Ages Part I
PostPosted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 2:47 am 
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Absolutely, and in fact, in the most recent lesson, we showed that the Greater Ages of the World, both in the joys and sorrows, follow a simple musical scale, namely, from the base note of the key all the way up [or down] to the octave inclusive. Moreover, we saw that the octave was a kewl metaphor: that just as the first and last notes of the scale are effectively the “same” note, only higher or lower, so the first and last phases of human history, whether in joy or sorrow, have basically identical characteristics, differing mainly only by whether Old or New testaments; more specifically, the world in the beginning is totally wicked, sparing a remnant [Noah and his family], and the world at the end is totally wicked [the great apostasy] sparing a remnant [small portion of Gentiles and most Jews]. Too, the world at the beginning is destroyed by water, at the end, by fire, and the first world is starting to be redeemed, whereas at the end, it is being utterly redeemed.

http://www.theologyoftheages.com/conten ... r-ages.php

O, SAINT Kateri, Pray for us!
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