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 Post subject: Re: Free Will: Does it exist?
PostPosted: Wed May 23, 2012 5:18 pm 
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dschiff wrote:
beng wrote:
Do you recall a run of the mill scenario when a proud young atheist suddenly, after entering college and brainwashed by the professors there, shout that Physic has render St. Thomas argument from motion moot?

Nowaday, we, theist and some atheists, know better how gullible that young atheist is.
I don't think it's fair to call the young atheist gullible. Rejecting a prime mover argument is not gullible. If you want to make that claim, defend the argument.
He didn’t say that it is by definition gullible to reject that argument. You are responding to a claim that beng never made. What beng said was that the young atheist is gullible if he thinks that physics has rendered St. Thomas’s argument from motion moot. This means that he knows neither physics nor philosophy, yet has no problem repeating the claim he has learned from his professors. In my book, that means he is gullible.

dschiff wrote:
And call it incorrect, rather than gullible, to leave out the unnecessary insult.
No, because ‘incorrect’ would only refer to the subject in itself, while ‘gullible’ would refer to the young atheist himself; to his attitude towards his professors, to the fact that he takes them (as physicists) on their word on an argument that isn’t part of their expertice. If he should find that insulting, so be it. It wouldn’t change the fact that he would be both wrong/incorrect and gullible.

dschiff wrote:
If we can predict your choice 10 seconds before you are aware of it, then our assumptions about how free will works are obviously not immune to revision by neuroscience.
Maybe, but it seems that you assume that the brain couldn't be part of the your person. I see no reason to believe that. I do not hold to a (quasi-)Cartesian view of life. I love this quote from Étienne Gilson: “There is more than one excuse for being a Descartes, but there is no excuse whatsoever for being a Cartesian.”

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