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 Post subject: Re: Wording of the Final Blessing at Mass
PostPosted: Thu Apr 12, 2012 8:07 am 
Handmaids of the Lord
Handmaids of the Lord
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cdman875 wrote:
I don't think saying "Bippity-boppity-boo" is a blessing at all. Do you?!?! Yet you use that as your example. Hmmm!!

I am told, Obi-Wan, that you are a priest. Unfortunately, we know all too well that such a vocation and position in life, in an of itself, does not protect one from error, and in this case, hyperbole. And some people (not just priests) get so caught up in emphasizing a rubric or rule when telling others how to practice their religion (such as thinking a minor word change makes a difference in the resulting blessing of the people), that they forget about relationship to God and to people in the practice of their faith.

Although I try to consider seriously what comes from the pulpit and from the church's hierarchy, I'm not someone who follows blindly (you would perhaps say 'obediently') everything that comes from the institutionalize church. Lord knows there are plenty of examples of error there. I do try to follow what I believe to be Jesus' teachings, and I have to believe you do, too. But my original statement still stands. Take a second look at your "up tight" perspective, Obi-Wan.

I have literally stared at the words in this response in silence for several minutes. After learning that a priest is here and explaining a part of the MASS (in which he stands in personal Christi), you are going to continue in the same disrespectful manner? I am shocked!!!! Have you no respect?

Does a priest make mistakes? Yes, he does. The one mentioned in the original post is making one at the final blessing. Fr did not speak ill of that priest but rather that we should pray for him as his blessing actually changes the meaning..and this is important. It is important in the final blessing the same as it is during any other part of the Mass. The words are chosen specifically. The Mass has been "passed on to the priest." He does not decide what is to be said except for in the Homily.

:pray: for you that you may learn to be more respectful not only to clergy, but to all people.


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