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been watching news all day, can't remember much of it
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Author:  flyingaway [ Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:29 pm ]
Post subject:  been watching news all day, can't remember much of it

been watching news all day, can't remember much of it

I will now sit here & try to remember some of it because it disturbs me that I can't recall this stuff off the top of my head (but maybe can if I really apply myself)

it's a good brain exercise, by the way.. to do this. If you don't force your brain to remember stuff, it eventually just stops bothering to remember much of anything, which I think may have somewhat happened with me already but in any case, here goes trying to remember

(I had taken some notes but forgot where I left the notes.. sigh)

OK, I should be able to remember the important stuff

Syrian government forces were (if i heard this right) invited by the Kurds (who are fighting ISIS) into a small town in Syria and they did this as a result of Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria. One Fox News anchor said something like.. This is what the opponents of that decision feared would happen.

Iraq apparently is demanding that we leave there also.. can't recall exactly why except you know how it goes: people don't like having their countries taken over even if it IS the best thing.. (not saying we took over but that may be their perception)

hmm... well, at least my brain isn't totally toast yet.. I remembered this much.. but that's about all I can remember for now

Oh wow.. How could I forget the story that affected me the most? (I forgot because it was painful) -- about the young police officer killed by an illegal (thank God they later captured him). The officer was himself an immigrant... Wait.. scratch that. I am not going to put those 2 in the same category :x The officer was an immigrant, the loser who shot him---OK, I won't say. I will pray for him (Jesus said to pray for people we don't like or something to that effect)

very sad story because this guy had a 5 month old son. Even sadder when you realize what a good American this guy was trying to be(and was). He was in the process of learning English better so he could respond to calls better. He came here from Fiji.

I can't get over how sad all this is, and how eerie--because he came to this great country (used to be great--before the libs took over) and was killed by this person who was just the opposite of him.. not even an American much less a bad (as in pathetic or unenthused and/or un-appreciative) American

it is sad for those of us who have to live without him. No, I didn't know him but I feel I do after the news reports and all. But he is probably in a better place. Maybe God took him because He didn't want him corrupted by this awful... lib infested country

Author:  flyingaway [ Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:56 am ]
Post subject:  Re: been watching news all day, can't remember much of it

haven't been watching ALL day today but quite a bit yesterday

baby rescued from debris from collapsed apt building in Russia.. what a beautiful story, except the child had hypothermia for being there something like 30 hours. but i think the child will survive

haven't found the body of the missing woman from Colorado yet but charging fiance with murder based on evidence found at his home which evidence has not been disclosed (blood?)

Eliz Warren running for president. Ho hum.. who isn't running? If the Dems can't do any better than that.. we the sane ones (Trumpers) are home free :)

Trump not pulling out of Syria immediately :) (I didn't want to see the Kurds get wiped out by the untrustworthy Turks)

OK, maybe someone else out there has some news item to add to this..

and how could I forget? I am learning more and more every day about how our govt "works" (ha ha.. I know)

Author:  flyingaway [ Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: been watching news all day, can't remember much of it

govt still shut down.. Democrat's fault (no Newsflash)

Trump standing strong (as of this time, haven't watched Fox in couple hours) against the Lying Ones

something might change vis a vis the wall we all want, once Pelosi gets her way as speaker of the House but not holding our breath, are we?

she knows how to negotiate with Dems but doesn't look like she knows how to negotiate with the Great Deal Maker himself. Time will tell, I guess

who was that BIG LIAR who said Americans dont' want a wall.. Who cares? All we need know is that it was one of the Lying Ones.. aka a Democrat. I remember his name now but I am not going to give it because I don't want them to have any publicity if i can help it

that's a whopper, though. Polls show that over 70% of Americans want... sorry, can't remember if it is an actual, phsyical wall or at least a secure border. But you can't have a secure border without a wall

Author:  flyingaway [ Sat Jan 12, 2019 12:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: been watching news all day, can't remember much of it

Iran may launch satellite

which I guess is needed for launching ICBMs

which means they may make good on their hate America/hate Israel agenda

I am very glad Trump re-thought (or whatever) his decision to exit Syria. That decision made the Iranians just too happy.. which shows all by itself .. to even the low-info folks just how wrong it was.. I think I know why Trump said he planned to get US troops out of Syria.. but I'll keep that opinion to myself for now

In any case, what is more scary than Iran having ICBMs?

Author:  flyingaway [ Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: been watching news all day, can't remember much of it

haven't been watching even half a day but an hour or two (this morning)

still the Dems refuse to give Trump $$ for the border wall

and still Trump says he wants wall.. longest gov shut down in history (only partially shut down but anyhow)

America says Yes to the wall. Dems couldn't care less

some polls say 42% want a wall. I think that poll number is off but can't prove one way or the other. In any case, that's still an awful lot of Americans

The ones who dont want a wall are being irrational, illogical, partisan and probably other adjectives can't recall at this time

Like Trump and others have said "Without a wall, we have no country"

When just any yahoo can walk across the border and voila' have the same rights as a citizen --esp if has a baby... disaster.. things need to change

Author:  flyingaway [ Fri Jan 25, 2019 11:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: been watching news all day, can't remember much of it

I easily remembered this:

Ingraham said that the drum playing Phillips looks like a cookoo for cocoa puffs

I think that is a bad thing to do..

bad for Fox News (etc) because.. Phillips will likely just see that as.. all the more reason to be anti Trump (assuming he is anti Trump? again, I havne't seen the whole video. But it appears he is against the kids at least partly bc they wore the MAGA hats.. maybe bc they are Catholic, or both)

I am not sure why on the other hand I laughed at the Pirro thing, where she implied Pelosi can travel via her normal means.. a broomstick.. laugh

oh, I know why: because Pelosi is never going to convert and become a R

people like Phillips... you never know.. but now he (and people like him) will probably just look @ what Laura Ingraham said and just... hate Rs all the more

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