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On School Bus Drivers and Semi-Fake News
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Author:  Highlander [ Mon Dec 24, 2018 11:43 am ]
Post subject:  On School Bus Drivers and Semi-Fake News

Just read an article in our local newspaper. Seems that there is a shortage of school bus drivers. Causing problems. The reasons for the shortage were reported. Mainly high employment which results in fewer folks wanting to earn some extra money. Also a shortage of retired farmers in rural areas who largely drive buses for some extra cash. Something needs to be done.

Not a word about the conduct of students on the buses. I know and talk to teachers who report that the behavior of students on buses is a major problem that continues to grow. And that school districts avoid dealing with the major problem students and, particularly, their parents. And that incidents are often laid upon the driver -- not the child who suffers from the usual roster of victimhood characteristics ... race, economics, upbringing, genetics, et al. And that many bus drivers who have quit specifically cite student behavior.

So, is this, in essence, fake news? Because a major component of the story has been ignored by a reporter who could not have been unaware of the problem of student school bus behavior on the shortage of school bus drivers?

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