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 Post subject: The Road and Home Podcast
PostPosted: Sun Mar 15, 2015 8:42 am 
Sons of Thunder
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Featuring your host Steven Farley! Whodat? Mule!! I had to go public, since in this day and age it's all about personal branding. Yup.

My podcast site is www.stevenfarley.net . The content revolves around a few different things. On a practical level, it's about travel. I'm a pro traveller, so I am harnessing my nearly twenty years of experience to help people regarding the ins and outs, do's and don't of the quintessential road trip. It's not just making sure your ride is ready, either. This topic can span quite a bit, from health and diet to accidents and emergencies medical or mechanical, communications, security; nearly anything that can happen in life can happen when you're on the road--and your tools have to be as much or more in your head than in your car since space is limited.

And since no journey is complete without returning home, and the goal of travel is to return home, we talk about building a home worth coming home to; a house that becomes a home, and a home that becomes a homestead--a place to grow your tribe, your marriage, your life and your world. And the homestead can become the center of gravity that turns your world upright, so that what happens in your family matters more than what happens in town, and what happens in town is more important than what happens at the county, and the county is much more important than the state house, and what's going on at the state house is wildly more important than what somebody who has no connection to you, who lives at the highest levels of government, is doing. Why? Because what they do doesn't affect you? Not necessarily, but because what you do doesn't affect them and your focus is taken off of what matters most and what you can affect most--your family, your tribe, your community. You see, they take our eyes off the prize, and our natural tendency towards loving most what is closest and most familiar, hearth and home, and try to distort that for their own benefit. I want to bring our hearts home too.

And having recaptured that sense of homestead and that sense of what matters most here, I want folks to begin thinking about the here that our here images: There. Home. the Home that's always Home and not home. The Home that our little homestead, our domestic church, is struggling so mightily to imitate.

So the topics are as wide as the horizon, though the gate I enter through straddles an interstate. You will be hearing the rumble of the road and the noises of my tractor and I hope they won't be too distracting. I'm running a pretty trick little recorder, it's great kit. But until I can go full-time this will be the context of my podcast recordings. All the other work will be crammed into about twelve hours of free time I have every weekend, whilst Mrs. Mule and our boy are sleeping.

So that's the deal. I'll be announcing the launch hopefully in . . .. less than a month? :) Man, I hope so.

"We all got it comin', Kid." William Munny

Twitter: @blueyedmule

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