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Divine Office question.
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Author:  Norwegianblue [ Thu Jan 18, 2007 9:49 pm ]
Post subject:  Divine Office question.

I got a little confused in the transition from Christmastide II to ordinary time. I'm now on week 2 of the psalter. Where is everybody else? :|

Author:  Tom Terrific [ Fri Jan 19, 2007 1:25 am ]
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Friday of the second week in ordinary time is Week 2 in the psalter.

Author:  Cowboy Max [ Fri Jan 19, 2007 2:16 am ]
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Sollemnity of Saint Henry, bishop and martyr, Patron Saint of Finland ;)

Apart from that, 2nd week.

Author:  Norwegianblue [ Fri Jan 19, 2007 10:20 pm ]
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Belated happy feast day, Juho!

What is the Finnish version of his name?

Author:  TP [ Sat Jan 20, 2007 12:54 am ]
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It is very simple in ordinary time: Whatever week it is, divide by four. Whatever the remainder is, is the week. Remainder of zero is 4th week.

21st sunday of ordinary time: 21 divided by 4 is 5 with a remainder of one: so you would be the first week of the psalter.


Author:  Cowboy Max [ Sat Jan 20, 2007 3:40 am ]
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Norwegianblue wrote:
What is the Finnish version of his name?

Thanks, NB. The official version for St Henry is pyhä Henrik. Yet the more common version as a name all the way through from the middle ages would be Heikki.

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