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Maronite Order of Liturgy
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Author:  yeahman [ Sun Dec 03, 2006 9:22 am ]
Post subject:  Maronite Order of Liturgy

Anyone have links to a detailed Maronite order of Liturgy? In particular I want to know the responses and gestures that you're supposed to do.

Author:  yeahman [ Sun Dec 03, 2006 1:29 pm ]
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OK I don't need it anymore but I have some questions.

I went to a Maronite Liturgy today. I noticed that some made the sign of the cross in the Latin manner but the women next to me did the right should to left shoulder and ending in the middle cross. What do most people do in the Maronite Rite?

The regular Latin communion host was used but when I went up there was leavened bread on a table. What's up with that? And I noticed that some people were eating it later.

Author:  Seatuck [ Sun Dec 03, 2006 2:37 pm ]
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I believe that the latin and eastern rites have blessing of bread on different feast days included as part of their liturgy.That may have been what was going on with the leavened bread.

We recently had a discussion on the various ways people make the sign of the cross. ... hp?t=63009

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