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Extraordinary Form Nuptial Mass
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Author:  ThomisticCajunAggie [ Mon Sep 17, 2018 7:51 am ]
Post subject:  Extraordinary Form Nuptial Mass

So I attended a Nuptial Mass in the EF two years ago and the bride and groom knelt the entire time (even though it was a High Mass) after their vows. However, the only place I can see a rubric on this is during the Pater Noster. It says that during the Pater Noster, the bridge and groom come forward to kneel before the priest so that he can do the traditional blessing of the wife. Are the bride and groom supposed to kneel for the entire Mass or just the parts when the congregation kneels (and for the blessing of the wife)?

[The bride and groom did not kneel for the vows, but the wedding vows take place prior to the Mass in the Extraordinary Form.]


ETA: I know there are not prescribed rubrics for the congregation per se - though there are for communicants of course. I know the congregation's posture is a matter of custom. I just imagine that at a nuptial Mass, things may be prescribed for the bride and groom.

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