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New Spy Thriller with Vatican Intelligence Agency
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Author:  canonicalorder [ Mon Nov 12, 2018 11:33 pm ]
Post subject:  New Spy Thriller with Vatican Intelligence Agency

There's a new thriller coming out featuring a Catholic protagonist..

If you're a fan of spy novels, thrillers or espionage fiction, and would be willing to write a short review or provide a quote review, then send an email to canonical.order @gma with your Kindle email address and I will send you a copy in exchange for your review. You will need to enable your Kindle account to receive emails from "canonical.order @ gma” (Please note, I added spaces in the email address to prevent spam by bots, so you need to make it a valid email address). We only need three more reviews, so we will limit the free offer to the first three that request the book. Here's a quick summary:

The Canonical Order

When a sniper’s bullet leaves the Pope incapacitated, ex-CIA and Vatican intelligence operative Chad Stryker launches a one-man counteroffensive against radical Islamic terrorists bent on fulfilling an ancient Islamic prophesy to draw the West into an apocalyptic holy war. Stryker uses all of the resources of the Canonical Order, a secret Catholic Church intelligence organization with roots in the paramilitary Knights of Malta and the intelligence networks of the Jesuits, to stop a radical Islamic conspiracy that would destroy the Catholic Church and establish a new world order. In his mission to disrupt the larger apocalyptic plot, Stryker struggles to uncover and stay one step ahead of a mole at the Canonical Order, while searching for the elusive Islamic State mastermind behind the conspiracy, an Islamic State leader known as “Che”.

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