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Hello From Another Newbie!
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Author:  Fleur de Lisieux [ Mon Aug 22, 2005 9:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Hello From Another Newbie!

I've been lurking for a week or two - thought I'd take a moment to introduce myself, as I'll probably be posting a few questions over the next year or so.

Like a number of newbies who've posted recently, I'm beginning RCIA next month. I've considered becoming Catholic for a number of years, but the passing of John Paul II somehow offered me an opportunity to really do my homework and find out what being Catholic really meant. I began by learning to pray the Rosary, and can honestly say that it was the "spark" that led to everything else; learning about and attending mass, purchasing and making use of a missal, signing up for RCIA, etc.

I'll post my conversion story in the appropriate forum. Suffice it to say I'm a protestant who's intrigued by the "completeness" I've found in the Catholic Church. It's like a "light bulb" clicked on and I've become aware of having missed out on all kinds of important things.

I've visited several of the major Cathedrals of France and studied Cathedral archictecture as part of my college work. Hence the screen name, and why I probably was destined to figure out why all of that would one day be important. In hindsight, I guess there was nothing subtle about God's plan for me ::):

Author:  Hazel-rah [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 1:20 am ]
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Hi, Fromage. Welcome to DCF and welcome Home.


Author:  King's Daughter [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 2:54 am ]
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Fromage, I feel like you just read to me MY story. I'm particulary interested in what you said about the rosary. I started doing that myself several months, and a a Protestant myself, feel there should be a warning attached to them that says: "Protestants, beware: these beads could have a profound effect on your spiritual life.:

God bless your journey. I start RCIA next month after years of serching and then having the light go on! :idea: It'll an interesting journey for a lot of us as we go through the next 8 months or so...

Author:  Lolly [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 3:26 am ]
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Welcome! You have come to a good place.

God bless,

Author:  Jackie [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 5:49 am ]
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Hi, Fromage! Welcome to the board and to the Church.

Author:  faithfulservant [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 9:26 am ]
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fromage, welcome to our slice of cyberspace...and may our Lady guide you through your journey into the faith...i hope you have taken the opportunity to check out some of the rosary threads in the Cath101 forum... and would love to hear you expound a little on your experiences... i also love conversion stories... you can submit yours for review to be added to the ever growing list of the board conversion stories by going to the main page , clicking on stories, then submit your story... let us know when it's out there :wink:

Author:  Michael Francis [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 11:44 am ]
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Hello Fromage and welcome to the MB :)

I could not resist the following:

The Cheese Shop by Monty Python

(a customer walks in the door)

Customer: Good Morning.

Owner: Good morning, Sir. Welcome to the National Cheese Emporium!

Customer: Ah, thank you, my good man.

Owner: What can I do for you, Sir?

Customer: Well, I was, uh, sitting in the public library on Thurmon Street just now, skimming through Rogue Herrys by Hugh Walpole, and I suddenly came over all peckish.

Owner: Peckish, sir?

Customer: Esuriant.

Owner: Eh?

Customer: 'Ee, ah wor 'ungry-loike!

Owner: Ah, hungry!

Customer: In a nutshell. And I thought to myself, "a little fermented curd will do the trick," so, I curtailed my Walpoling activites, sallied forth, and infiltrated your place of purveyance to negotiate the vending of some cheesy comestibles!

Owner: Come again?

Customer: I want to buy some cheese.

Owner: Oh, I thought you were complaining about the bazouki player!

Customer: Oh, heaven forbid: I am one who delights in all manifestations of the Terpsichorean muse!

Owner: Sorry?

Customer: 'Ooo, Ah lahk a nice tuune, 'yer forced too!

Owner: So he can go on playing, can he?

Customer: Most certainly! Now then, some cheese please, my good man.

Owner: (lustily) Certainly, sir. What would you like?

Customer: Well, eh, how about a little red Leicester.

Owner: I'm, a-fraid we're fresh out of red Leicester, sir.

Customer: Oh, never mind, how are you on Tilsit?

Owner: I'm afraid we never have that at the end of the week, sir, we get it fresh on Monday.

Customer: Tish tish. No matter. Well, stout yeoman, four ounces of Caerphilly, if you please.

Owner: Ah! It's beeeen on order, sir, for two weeks. Was expecting it this morning.

Customer: 'T's Not my lucky day, is it? Aah, Bel Paese?

Owner: Sorry, sir.

Customer: Red Windsor?

Owner: Normally, sir, yes. Today the van broke down.

Customer: Ah. Stilton?

Owner: Sorry.

Customer: Ementhal? Gruyere?

Owner: No.

Customer: Any Norweigan Jarlsburg, per chance.

Owner: No.

Customer: Lipta?

Owner: No.

Customer: Lancashire?

Owner: No.

Customer: White Stilton?

Owner: No.

Customer: Danish Brew?

Owner: No.

Customer: Double Goucester?

Owner: (pause) No.

Customer: Cheshire?

Owner: No.

Customer: Dorset Bluveny?

Owner: No.

Customer: Brie, Roquefort, Pol le Veq, Port Salut, Savoy Aire, Saint Paulin, Carrier de lest, Bres Bleu, Bruson?

Owner: No.

Customer: Camenbert, perhaps?

Owner: Ah! We have Camenbert, yessir.

Customer: (suprised) You do! Excellent.

Owner: Yessir. It's..ah,'s a bit runny...

Customer: Oh, I like it runny.

Owner: Well,.. It's very runny, actually, sir.

Customer: No matter. Fetch hither the fromage de la Belle France! Mmmwah!

Owner: I...think it's a bit runnier than you'll like it, sir.

Customer: I don't care how (censored) runny it is. Hand it over with all speed.

Owner: Oooooooooohhh........! (pause)

Customer: What now?

Owner: The cat's eaten it.

Customer: (pause) Has he.

Owner: She, sir.

Customer: (pause) Gouda?

Owner: No.

Customer: Edam?

Owner: No.

Customer: Case Ness?

Owner: No.

Customer: Smoked Austrian?

Owner: No.

Customer: Japanese Sage Darby?

Owner: No, sir.

Customer: *have* some cheese, don't you?

Owner: (brightly) Of course, sir. It's a cheese shop, sir. We've got--

Customer: No no... don't tell me. I'm keen to guess.

Owner: Fair enough.

Customer: Uuuuuh, Wensleydale.

Owner: Yes?

Customer: Ah, well, I'll have some of that!

Owner: Oh! I thought you were talking to me, sir. Mister Wensleydale, that's my name.

Customer: (pause) Greek Feta?

Owner: Uh, not as such.

Customer: Uuh, Gorgonzola?

Owner: No.

Customer: Parmesan,

Owner: No.

Customer: Mozarella,

Owner: No.

Customer: Paper Cramer,

Owner: No.

Customer: Danish Bimbo,

Owner: No.

Customer: Czech sheep's milk,

Owner: No.

Customer: Venezuelan Beaver Cheese?

Owner: Not *today*, sir, no.

Customer: (pause) Aah, how about Cheddar?

Owner: Well, we don't get much call for it around here, sir.

Customer: Not much ca-- it's the single most popular cheese in the world!

Owner: Not 'round here, sir.

Customer: (slight pause) and what IS the most popular cheese 'round hyah?

Owner: 'Illchester, sir.

Customer: IS it.

Owner: Oh, yes, it's staggeringly popular in this manor, squire.

Customer: Is it.

Owner: It's our number one best seller, sir!

Customer: I see. Uuh...'Illchester, eh?

Owner: Right, sir.

Customer: All right. Okay. 'Have you got any?' he asked, expecting the answer 'no'.

Owner: I'll have a look, sir........nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnno.

Customer: It's not much of a cheese shop, is it?

Owner: Finest in the district!

Customer: (annoyed) Explain the logic underlying that conclusion, please.

Owner: Well, it's so clean, sir!

Customer: It's certainly uncontaminated by cheese....

Owner: (brightly) You haven't asked me about Limburger, sir.

Customer: Would it be worth it?

Owner: Could be....


Owner: Told you sir....

Customer: (slowly) Have you got any Limburger?

Owner: No.

Customer: Figures.Predictable, really I suppose. It was an act of purest optimism to have posed the question in the first place. Tell me:

Owner: Yessir?

Customer: (deliberately) Have you in fact got any cheese here at all.

Owner: Yes, sir.

Customer: Really?


Owner: No. Not really, sir.

Customer: You haven't.

Owner: Nosir. Not a scrap. I was deliberately wasting your time, sir.

Customer: Well I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to shoot you.

Owner: Right-Oh, sir.

(The customer takes out a gun and shoots the owner)

Customer: What a *senseless* waste of human life.

Author:  Catholic Defender [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 12:55 pm ]
Post subject: 

Welcome to the board! God bless!

Author:  DLB [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 1:25 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi Fromage,

Welcome to the board and Catholic Church from a fellow convert.


Author:  DLB [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 1:27 pm ]
Post subject: 

Michael Francis,

Thanks for the Python script. One of my favorites. Rates up there with Pet Shop.


Author:  BobCatholic [ Tue Aug 23, 2005 4:56 pm ]
Post subject: 

Welcome! :)

Author:  Gracie2004 [ Wed Aug 24, 2005 12:39 pm ]
Post subject: 

Welcome to the board,


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