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Two more beautiful songs
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Author:  Jack3 [ Wed Dec 19, 2018 2:48 am ]
Post subject:  Two more beautiful songs

1. Melle melle mukhapadam

Plot of the movie can be read at Wikipedia: ... ettam#Plot

Lyrics by the legendary ONV
My translation to English:

Who is it, that
gently moved my veil,
touched awake the water lily,
took a handful of moonlight
and sprinkled it on the forehead lovingly

The tune which filled the shepherd's heart
came flowing out through a bamboo stem
O shepherd girl, what tipped out of your milk pot
blossomed as a thousand thumba (Leucas) flowers

The spark of light of a firefly
came flowing out through the small gap in the window
Danced like the beat of the soul of which no one knows

2. Premodaranay


The lyrics are by Kaithapram. I find them too difficult to translate. I cannot fully capture the meaning in English.

You might have to listen multiple times to like the songs, being from a different musical tradition.

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