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A Tale Of The Catholic Defender
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Author:  Catholic Defender [ Fri Jul 23, 2010 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  A Tale Of The Catholic Defender

I remember a particular Thanksgiving I spent at NTC in 1985. I was a Medic supporting our Unit when my Platoon Sergeant came and took my FLA with all my gear in it. He told me to hang tight where I was until 20:00 and then walk towards the CP where they would be waiting for me. I waited there until 20:00 as instructed and then walked to where they were suppose to be waiting for me. Now we were set up on a mountain range encamped on the other side of this valley when I began my walk. I went to the location to find that everyone had moved out. The problem was that it was by this time getting dark. I looked back across from where I began and took off for that place only to find that I could not find it. It all looked so much the same. I went back and forth across that valley 5 or six times trying to relocate where I originally took off from. I found myself in a difficult situation. I was now lost out there at NTC on foot with only one canteen of water. It was dark. I could not find any sign of light or anything. I kept walking thinking I should run into something somewhere. Off in the distance I could here tanks barreling down and I certainly didn't want to be hit by one of those bad boys. I kept walking, I was sweating alot as it was hot and humid even at night there in the Southwest American desert. I kept watching for rattlesnakes as I certainly didn't want to walk into a nest of those things out there. It was so dark I could not find anything that had any lights or any camp. I was in real trouble but I kept moving. I was out there all night long. I prayed, I sang, I thought badly of my leadership, I thought of home. Most importantly, I was determined to survive. I had ran out of water hours into my forced foot march. I found myself to the point of saying, left/right, left/fight, left/right. About an hour before daybreak, I finally found a camp some 15 miles away with another unit. They were shocked to have a Soldier walk in the way that I did. I was so thankful to have finally found anybody out there in that place.

What I remember taking from this experience was to never do that to one of my Soldiers, but also to never give up. I trusted in God to help me through that long evening. People have died out there in training accidents where Soldiers get lost. That happened not too long ago at Ft. Hood when a Soldier got lost doing a Land Navigation course. Needless to say, I was so thankful to God for being there with me through that ordeal. He has been with me alot in my career!!!

He is also with you, even when your walking in darkness and you can't see the light. Where there is a shadow, there is some light. The Lord Jesus loves you so much! Keep Him in your sights at all times and He will help you through the darkness!!! God bless you all!

Author:  Lisa1515 [ Fri Jul 23, 2010 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: A Tale Of The Catholic Defender

Great tale!


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