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 Post subject: IPhone 4 Signal problem - UPDATED
PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 12:58 pm 
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I thought I would post this before incorrect/incomplete info is put out.

As you probably know the IPhone 4 has had problems dropping calls if held a certain way. Apple has been working the problem and held a news conference today on the subject. Yesterday, they issued a software update to the algorithm that calculates the number of bars.

Here it is:

First, calls to Applecare on the problem were .55% of IPhone calls
The Iphone 4 has a lower return rate to AT&T than the 3GS
Most other smartphones have the same problem to some degree.

I'll let Steve Jobs take over : (Jason Snell is the reporter doing the live coverage)

Jason Snell: It's very hard, when we look at this data, not to conclude that there is a problem. But it's a problem affecting a small percentage of users.

Jason Snell: I've gotten thousands of emails from users who say there's no problem for them

Jason Snell: But, having said this, we care about every user, and we're not going to stop until every one of those is happy.

Jason Snell: But I think it's important to understand the scope of this problem. Because the data leads you to the conclusion that it's been blown so out of proportion, it's incredible.

Jason Snell: I know it's fun to have a story, but it's less fun when you're on the other end of it. (laughter)

Jason Snell: Let me tell you what we're going to do.

Jason Snell: First thing, we've released iOS 4.0.1, which fixes the wrong formula for bars and there was a nasty Exchange bug, and that's fixed too.

Jason Snell: We recommend that every iPhone owner update to it.

Jason Snell: Second, a lot of people have told us, the bumper solves the signal strength problem. Why don't you just give everyone a case?

Jason Snell: Okay. Everyone will get a free case.

Jason Snell: Refund if you bought a Bumper.

Jason Snell: For every iPhone 4 purchased through September 30.

Jason Snell: But. We can't make enough bumpers. So what we're going to do, is source some other cases and give users a choice of cases. And they'll be able to pick one.

Jason Snell: Apply on Apple website starting late next week. Pick a case, zoom, we'll send it off to you. That simple.

Jason Snell: And if you're still not happy, before or after you get a free case, you can bring your iPhone 4 back undamaged within 30 days for a full refund.

Jason Snell: No restocking fee or anything. We want to take care of everyone. We want every user to be happy.

AT&T will give the same refund and cancel the contract at no cost (according to answer in the Q&A section}

Now some folks will applaud this and others will not, that is their prerogative; however since Apple has sold 3 million units so far, the case give away is a substantial amount of money.

They are still working on the problem and may extend the program beyond Sept.

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