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 Post subject: The Sun Also Dallies
PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:55 pm 
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The Sun Also Dallies

Bill and Grace ran a net fishing business.Bill had two full time crew
members.When the boat docked,the two guys ran off to some bar.Grace
pulled up in a modified carier.Bill hosed till the fish inspector came by,it
only took five minutes.Then Bill and Grace transferred the fish to the
truck.They stopped off to about two or three restaurants to sell choice
fish,and then to the cannery.They had two sons.One died on the
highway and the other died in the war.After time,Bill went into clinical
depression,and then institutionized,then death.Grace sold the
business.She had a garage sale,mostly Bill's personal fishing stuff.Billie
the fish-inspector stopped by to buy,he was now interested in
fishing.For 25 years he worked with dead fish,now promoted
downtown,worked in the registration department.He wouldn't eat fish,or
fish.Now,he wanted to bore people with fish stories,like everyone
else.He lingered over coffee.He and Grace were now fishing buddies.He
was called:Bill,Billie,Billie2,eventually-Watchie,his dock name.His son
Billie,wanted a sleep-over boat.Bill gave him the money.One saturday
night,a group of them were fishing off the pier,while the sun was going
down,Grace looked beautiful,like an angel;Bill thought that he was
letting his life slip by.Next day,he took Grace fishing on Billie's boat.He
proposed to her.She said,throw the rod into the water.At first he was
puzzled,it was a good rod,then a smile came over his face.He threw the
rod in.She said,the knife,in it went.She said,tackle box,in it went.Then
they hugged.Billie name was now Captain.His first hat was a no-no:U.S.
Naval Anchors.The second hat was OK:"Dali Anchors".


Study demands a mind as serene as
a sky without clouds.

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