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 Post subject: Double End of the Marital Act
PostPosted: Fri Jun 21, 2019 9:18 am 
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So it's become common to speak of two ends of the marital act: procreation and unity of spouses.

Not only then does this exclude contraception, but also IVF and sperm banks as contrary to the ends of the marital act.

I have two questions:

1) Is it proper to say that the marital act has two final causes? I was under the impression that each thing in light of its formal cause has one final cause, why would the marital act be different?

2) Are sins against the first end sins against the fifth commandment (thou shalt not kill) while sins against the second commandment are sins against the sixth (thou shalt not commit adultery)? Fr. Ripperger argues that contraception is a sin akin to dismemberment more than fornication.

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