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 Post subject: Cupid: Modernism Manpower?
PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:31 am 
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Cupid is the ancient mythology God of love and attraction and the son of Venus (love goddess) and and Mars (war God). Cupid has been compared to Eros, Greek God of love/affection.

Cupid has been depicted as a cherub-like angel-deity (winged) with magical arrow that he shoots at people to create feelings of passion and/or sentiment in times of trouble and/or complications. Cupid has for such reasons become a favorite 'mascot/avatar' for Valentine's Day.

When we consider the metaphysical impact of social contracts and the governance-turbulence created by betrayals, coups, or revolutions, we might consider why Cupid is considered to be more complex than simply a 'cherub of romance.' Indeed, it can be argued that Cupid is something like a 'heavenly messenger' of negotiation itself.

Imagine therefore an Apologetics framework in which we use/cite Cupid as a 'medicine-man' for contract-evaluations for politics-upheaval circumstances which invoke serious considerations about ethics/religion such as the American Civil War and the Protestant Reformation.

Cupid could be cited in spiritual arguments regarding Lincoln-Douglas Debate topics about the cultural impact of diminished slavery among Africans who are ironically frightened about radical changes. Cupid could be cited in spiritual arguments regarding the sociocultural impact felt by women in England during the Protestant Reformation (e.g., affects on social views on prostitution and unorthodox marriages).

As the great philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau suggested in The Social Contract, assessing the legality and righteousness of any government requires an analysis of the consent-logistics of the ruling parties --- i.e., "Do governments rule by consent or necessity?"

Modern age contract-consciousness pedestrian television programs such as Modern Family, My Two Dads, and Spin City represent a modernism-paranoia regarding the social ramifications of contract frustrations on various levels (political, cultural, and also domestic/familial), inviting us to ponder if Cupid can address new age concerns regarding 'Academic Apologetics.'


God: People should not seek idols for psychiatry!
SATAN: What about Cupid?
God: Well, Cupid certainly symbolizes the intention to seek peace...
SATAN: Humanity still uses Cupid as an icon for Valentine's Day!
God: Yes, you might even find a 'Cupid-logo' on a box of Valentine's chocolates.
SATAN: Commerce-culture has altered the way we conceive of 'etiquette.'
God: I worry about the egregious presentation of 'modernism bravado' --- e.g., The Terminator.
SATAN: Movies about 'evil robots' destroying humanity's sense of romance/peace represent 'ugliness.'
God: Perhaps Americans appreciate comparing Cupid to, say, Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)!
SATAN: Yes, Cupid symbolizes 'love potential' while Jason symbolizes terrorism and misfortune!
God: If we seek to 'cite' Cupid in evaluations of 'violence as a means for reform,' we must consider 'regret.'
SATAN: Regret is a powerful 'modality' in political discussions.
God: Isn't that what the U.S. Constitution is all about --- flexibility in times of error?
SATAN: It's a strange fact that vampire-lore and horror-films are popular in the modern age, since people are curious about calamity.
God: Urbanization/industrialization will always be complemented by a 'anarchism spiritual backlash' (e.g., eco-terrorism).
SATAN: Perhaps Cupid is the perfect 'avatar' for neo-rhetorics...




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 Post subject: Re: Cupid: Modernism Manpower?
PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:56 pm 

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You post this type stuff here from time to time and honestly, I miss the point.

Can you explain what you mean or are trying to accomplish in one simple sentence?


"So mercifully blessed to be free from the ravages of intelligence." - Taken from Time Bandits

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