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 Post subject: Reference, False Prophet
PostPosted: Thu May 24, 2012 3:19 am 
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Meditation: The Lamb's Seven Horns and the False Prophet's Two

PART I: Baptism and Marriage -- Basic Sacraments of Protestants Summarize all Basic Goodness in Life

Might I add extrapolation on the purposes of life, per Catholic Catechism from antiquity:

1) To know, love, and serve God in this life

2) To be happy with Him forever in the next

The first condition, to know, love and serve God, is the disposition of Baptism, since knowing God is faith, and love and service is good will, or repentance, the two primary dispositions that we must have for Baptism and to remain faithful to our Baptismal vows.

And the second condition is like Marriage to God, since, collectively, we shall all be caught up as the Woman who marries Jesus.

And it is interesting to note that Baptism and Marriage are the two sacraments that are truly basic, since they are the only ones had by those Christians most fully separated from us, that is, separated from Apostolic Succession, Protestants.

Moreover, see how these two basic sacraments relieve the two conditions of Original Sin: Baptism relieves us of the burden of Original Sin, and Marriage relieves us the secondary burden of Original Sin, concupiscence.

This is very profound, considering that, Original Sin and its residue are the basis of the Fall, and clearly the fall is the antithesis of our life purposes above, and therefore also of the basic sacraments, Baptism and Marriage:

Anti-Baptismal Spirit: The first lie of the dragon is, have no regard for the Baptismal disposition, no faith, no repentance: believe what you want and do what you want.

Anti-Marital Spirit: The second lie is like it: don't live for the Marriage with God in the next life but live for superficial "intercourse", or fornication, spiritually, with this world, that is, spiritually fornicate withe Creation rather than marry the Creator, materialism.

Consider a further support of these ideas: Solomon said in Scripture "all wickedness came before Abraham was." So then, this would seem to imply that all lies of the fall and the practice thereof came before Abraham was. And that corroborates our theology above:

The two greatest stages of sin before Abraham were the Wickedness of Noah's day and the Tower of Babel.

Noah's day was clearly Anti-Baptism: The world was wicked (no repentance) and had no faith (they mocked Noah's revelation of flood). So then God Baptized the world, the Flood.

The Tower of Babel was clearly Anti-Marriage toward God: man was gathered together as one woman, but not a spouse to God, the People of God; rather, a whore, joining herself in selfish materialistic glory with the world, a tower, rather than seeking God's glory and Him as the spouse. So God divided them up through language confounding and Married one nation, the Hebrews, His first Bride.

How appropriate then, the two great first falls of man are against the basic principles of life, against the basic sacraments of all, and they were healed spiritually by the basic sacraments' signs.

Now, in light of this theology, consider this: in Apocalypse, Jesus, the Lamb, has seven horns, and the false prophet has two, "like a Lamb."

Now, firstly, couldn't the seven horns of the Lamb be seen, at least in one layer of meaning, as the Sacraments, seeing as horns many times symbolize power in the Bible and that Jesus' greatest power is in His grace, of which the seven Sacraments are the greatest source?

But what, then, of the two horns of the false prophet that are "like a Lamb"? For this, we consider that Tertullian, per Blessed John Paul the II in his Theology of the Body, taught that the devil mocks or plagiarizes the Sacraments, twisting their signs evilly. For example, the devil mocks the Eucharist with gluttony and drunkenness. He mocked Baptism through Pilate, who instead of cleaning his head of bad faith and ill will, washed his hands of moral culpability of the ultimate sin of all, murdering the Son of God. In another example, the devil mocks Marriage with literal prostitution and fornication.

In light of this, seeing as it says, again, in apocalypse 13 that the false prophet has two horns, "like a Lamb", it very well may imply that the supreme "false prophecy" of the devil is the twisting of the principles of some two sacraments of Christ. But then, if so, which two might this spiritual false prophet mock in his two horns?

Use common sense; what we have just seen: the basic sacraments, which are the basis of all goodness, and the only two sacraments left to the most separated of Christians, Baptism and Marriage! So that the mocking of the two bases of all goodness above is the basis of all evil, the lies of the fall. That is, what little base goodness is retained by heretics is mocked into the ultimate heresy !



O, SAINT Kateri, Pray for us!
"Five have fallen. One is. And the other has not yet come...and the beast that was and is not, even he is the eighth..."

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