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 Post subject: Meditation: Good Friday Christ's Crucified Body as Symbol
PostPosted: Fri Apr 06, 2012 7:02 pm 
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Meditation: Good Friday, Christ's crucified body could reveal the Ages of Salvation

Here I find the theology of Christ's crucified body. If you read my treatise on the five wounds, I believe that Christ's crucifixion bears the signs o the ages:

He was nailed in the hands and raised up in horrible torture in order that He might merit that His Kingdom reign from heaven, as in Apocalypse 12, but that suffering remained, even as the dragon continues to assault the Church in the last 2000 years, while the Christ reigns in heaven.

His feet were nailed in horrible pain, that His Kingdom might come down to earth, as in Apocalypse 19 and 20, so that just as Christ died from the feet wounds and His body came to rest toward the earth, so His Kingdom and grace might come to rest on earth in men's hearts in the age of peace, the coming Reign of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart.

But behold, He is wounded a final time after death, so that even after Christ will die and put to death sin and iniquity in the world for great time in the coming renewal of man, man will stab Him even beyond the grave, in the side. The Great apostasy, after the dragon is let loose.

And then shall the Jews look upon Him whom they have pierced.

And He rose from the dead in order that, at the Resurrection of the end of time, all men might rise to their eternal recompense.

Or, in relation to the way of the saint, the right hand wound merits strength for the purgative way of darkness, the left hand wound, the light of the illuminative way, the right foot wound, the dark night of the soul, the left foot wound, which kills the Christ, the light of the unitive way, even as sin is killed completely in the saint in the unitive way, the saint walking fully in the Will of God with every step. And the would in the side, martyrdom, and the resurrection, eternal life in heaven!

The Crucified Feet of Christ: there are five toes, one for each source of Catholic truth. The longest toe of the stronger foot is atop the shortest toe of the weaker foot, then the next longest toe on top of the next shortest toe, etc, down to the shortest toe of the stronger foot on top of the longest toe of the weaker foot.

Now also, see how the angel in apoclaypse 10 holds the scroll with the stronger foot ont the sea, and the weaker foot on the earth, in so far as for the Catholic sources of truth, as thus:

Trinity and Incarnation

The Pope

The General Bishops and Tradition

The Bible


the top source, God as Triune and Incarnate, is the strongest in degree of truth, but the least evident.

This continues in inverse relationship, down to the weakest degree of truth, Reason, having the strongest evidence for it.

See then, similarly, how apoclaypse 10, the strongest foot on the weakest foundation (the sea), and the weakest foot upon the strongest foundation (the earth), so the sources of Catholic truth have inverse relationship between degree of truth from the source and evidence for it as legitimate.

Therefore, Christ's body, in the crucifixion and resurrection, shows the whole mystery of the ages of our redemption. Veritably, then, Christ is the Word of God made visible!

His feet, one on top of the other, placing the toes of one foot in reverse order of the other foot in terms of length is not arbitrary

anyway, it is a coincidence that the longest toe is on top of the shortest toe, the next longest on top of the next shortest... down to the shortest on top of the longest?
i don't think so

the five great sources of Catholic Truth have the very same relationship in terms of degree of truth they have versus evidence as a source
The Trinity and Incarnation doctrines are the most strong source of truth, the base mystery of all Catholicism. But they are the least evident.

The General Bishops are less strong, the Orthodox have less truth than we do, but the General Apostolic succession is more evident in ancient writings than Peter's speical role

The Scriptures, much less reliable than Bishops and Tradition, the Protestants lack so much truth and have so much confusion, but the Scriptures are far more evident as a source of truth than Tradition

finally, Reason, the least of all sources of truth, only gives you baisc, one God, natural law. But it is the MOST evident. Not everyone knows about Scripture (the New World Indians didin't), but EVERYONE has reason, no excuse

O, SAINT Kateri, Pray for us!
"Five have fallen. One is. And the other has not yet come...and the beast that was and is not, even he is the eighth..."

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