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 Post subject: Re: Could Man have been saved without Christ's suffering?
PostPosted: Tue Apr 03, 2012 1:51 pm 
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So, the key is that God can only reverse this by somehow taking the consequences on Himself, since He alone is powerful enough to endure them without being transformed by them. Once He endures them, if we can participate in His bodily reality (think sacraments, esp. Eucharist), then we take into ourselves the means for overcoming these effects as well.

This is all very helpful, especially this section which i quoted above.
I have a feeling the rest is helpful, but I think I need to read it. In what literature does St. Maximus the confessor describe these things?

From the beginning, Christianity has understood itself as the religion of the Logos, as the religion according to reason...It has always defined men, all men without distinction, as creatures and images of God, proclaiming for them...the same dignity: to live a faith that comes from the Logos, from creative reason, and that, because of this, is also open to all that is truly rational.

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