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 Post subject: Catholicism 101 Rules
PostPosted: Sat May 07, 2005 8:41 am 
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This forum is for those who are genuinely looking into converting to the Catholic Church and for those who genuinely want to know more about Catholicism.

Rule 0: DON'T PANIC. Most of the rules below are simply common sense and common courtesy. Apply those and you may never hear from a moderator.

Rule 0.1: You are responsible for knowing what's in here. Ignorance is not an excuse.

1) For those who have come here with questions about the Catholic Faith, welcome. Many participants in our discussions are waiting to answer you as best as we can.

Please do your best to ask your questions as clearly as possible. If you have lots of questions, you'll probably get better answers if you ask just one or two at a time and ask followup questions until you're sure you understand, or at least understand as well as you're going to.

2) If you've come here to debate the truth of the Catholic faith with Catholics with the intent of proving us wrong, this is not the forum for you --- an administrator will determine which forum you need to post in. Anyone who tries to start a debate in a Catholicism 101 thread will be deleted from that thread.

We're more than happy to answer those who merely want to understand better, but we're not in the business of providing a platform for anyone to attempt to draw people away from Catholicism. If you appear to be attempting to do that, the board moderators can revoke your posting privileges without warning.

3) Debate on a deeper (and sometimes perhaps more excitable) level is conducted in our Apologetics Forum. If you find yourself wanting to argue a point in-depth, it is better to start a new thread there.

4) For those who are already Catholic and want to deepen your own faith and help answer questions, you are welcome here as well. Everyone has areas of special interest, but please do your best to stay on issues central to the faith and avoid your pet agendas. If a question is asked on a controversial topic, please answer it as factually as you can.

5) Rational thought and on-topic discussions of your personal experiences are encouraged. Personal attacks, taunting, and baiting will result in your messages being deleted without warning or apology, and repeated offenses may result in your posting privileges being revoked without warning or apology.

6) For everyone: If you believe you see a violation of these rules or other rules of common courtesy, please send a private message to the moderator(s) of this forum or to the administrators, who will handle it from there. There is a Report button located at the top right corner of each post. You can use this to report posts, rather than pm'ing the staff. Please don't abuse this feature. Your name will appear on the report as the one who reported the post.

DCF Team

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