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 Post subject: Re: Canceling Netflix
PostPosted: Mon Jan 06, 2020 5:38 pm 

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Doom wrote:
Bombadil wrote:
Doom wrote:
Dominic wrote:
Hermit in the woods works.

Wasn't there a list of books Catholics should stay away long ago?

I'm not entirely certain this would be a good idea but perhaps helpful to have a list of companies/institutions to stay away from.

Here is the list:
Every company in the world
Every institution in the world

All the big ones.

As for netflix, it's getting pretty close for me. They've decided to be on the front lines on the wrong side of the culture wars, so for me they are distinguished amongst their peers. Few companies are as active in these matters as they are. If I had to pick one company to boycott, it would be netflix. The problem is that they are one of few online tv providers.

There are MANY online TV providers, and several more are being started this year.

In addition to Netflix, there is Hulu, Disney+, CBS All Access, Amazon Prime, DC Universe,. WWE, Facebook Watch, Direct TV Now, streaming services for HBO, Showtime and Starz, and Apple TV, with streaming services from Warner Brothers and Paramount starting later this year.

Disney owns a majority stake in Hulu. Since I monitor the media, I know the streaming services will appear, and some will disappear, based on the level of quality content. Disney has that while with the others, not so much. The other factor is time. Since consumers will get more outlets and choices, they will quickly gravitate toward the service that is providing the biggest and best return for their dollars. Plus this is a gamble even for some of the established companies. If enough people do not sign up, they may drop streaming and stick to other outlets. In November, Disney was shooting for 30 to 40 million subscribers for Disney+, they got 22 million. Netflix, though heavily funded, will have a hard time being number two. By mid-year, there will be a shake-out as Wall Street, the God of American big business, begins spending its money elsewhere. It's just business.

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