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 Post subject: I am Catholic. What I believe.
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 1:29 am 

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I am Catholic. No ifs, no buts, no maybes.
I never looked for another religion or path to God. My path was given to me from my parents and it was the single best thing they ever did for me.
He is there, right with all of us, always.

From the fulfillment of the scriptures by Jesus, to his handing over of the Keys of Heaven to Peter and through his successor Linus to the present day Francis, we have Authority in a line, down to the present age.
Jesus asked his word to be spread through to every nation. This has been done through firstly oral tradition and then through written work, we now call the bible.

In churches, statues and images were used to describe the story behind the Gospel readings, to aid understanding for the majority historically illiterate population. They also helped as the bible was written in Latin and not in the common language of the land.

Catholics do not “worship statues or images in a church”. They are there simply as a reminder and a focal point for prayer and devotion. For example the Stations of the Cross is a series of fourteen images depicting the passion of Christ, as He is arrested and condemned by Pilate, to His entombment. It helps Catholics in their devotion to structure the devotion.

Catholics do not pray “to” Mary in adoration. They pray through her to God.

Being a Catholic, is to be given the best invitation there is.
It is an invite to accept Jesus, as Lord, Saviour and God.

For this invite to bear fruit, which ultimately could lead to Heaven, we have to follow the will of Jesus, as he described it. He is the ONLY path to God.
There is no menu. No pick some of this, leave that bit on the shelf. No private deals. No ‘only if I can do this’, because I’m good the rest of the time. All in or not.

He does not force us to follow him. It is our choice. His wonderous love is overpowering. Life does change. The inner peace is profound.

The building of a personal relationship with Jesus, is a life long development.
Instead of talking to him, listen out for him. Allow him to come to you. He is the living ‘Word’. Listen to him. No matter what it deprives you of in this world, the love that he will pour out to you will strengthen you in body mind and spirit in readiness for the next.

 Post subject: Re: I am Catholic. What I believe.
PostPosted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 10:56 am 
Our Lady's Gladiator
Our Lady's Gladiator
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howdy atlantic... welcome to our slice of cyberspace... why don't you mosey on over to the intro and welcome forum and tell us a little about yourself... if you haven't already checked out the Cath 101 forum, then you wouldn't know that you're kinda preaching to the choir hear... Cath101 is for inquiries about the faith, not declarations of what being Catholic is all about.... enjoy your stay :wave

All Marian devotion begins with Christ,is centered on Christ,and ends with Christ.
As Mary brought Jesus to us,so shall She bring us to Jesus!

De Maria numquam satis

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