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 Post subject: Re: same sex marriage question
PostPosted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:18 pm 
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ellietrish wrote:
kage_ar wrote:
Bagheera wrote:
I wonder sometimes whether polygamy is currently permissible for those who are not baptized. I'm not saying that it should be permissible or whether the State ought to allow it, just whether it might be permissible in a region of the world in which it is permitted by the State and where it is culturally acceptable.

That's one reason why I can't get up in arms about Mormon fundamentalists and plural marriage.

I feel the same way.

Kage, I feel the extreme opposite because essentially polygamy will never meet a womans fundamental need for intimacy in relationship. Males and females feel loved in different ways and polygamy is the great sacrifice that womankind has made to Gods plan over time.

We have the knowledge of Christs truth about marriage now and I think its our solemn duty to feel affront and actively pray and campaigne for our sisters who today still subjected unnecessarily to a sacrifice that serves misogyny rather than God.

I don't feel the same way (and I am a woman).

I also feel that our society would be more stable if we went back to arranged marriages.

Living life on prayers and hooks and needles...

 Post subject: Re: same sex marriage question
PostPosted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 6:46 am 
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Arranged marriage? Being the mother of 3 young adults... I want that!! I'd even be ok with my going back in time and going with my parents choice for me. But being one of a number of wives to the one guy... no. That goes against every atom of my being. I would only do it without the benefit of Christs emancipating good news and I think I'd have followed any pre-Christian agitator against such a condition of marriage. I accept it for my pre-Christ sisters... but never for my post-Christ sisters!

 Post subject: Re: same sex marriage question
PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 3:01 pm 
Handmaids of the Lord
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ForumJunkie wrote:
me3rd wrote:
How do you respond to people who use your own language against you in this way:

"Marriage already HAS been redefined. Polygamy was once the norm... acceptable to God, now it's taboo. Gay marriage is no more a violation of natural law than that was."

There are many things wrong with the quote. And I am equally as frustrated with such arguments from people because they ignore basic concepts that we all utilize.

Here are the top 5 assumptions made by this quote...

1. "God changed the definition of marriage, so we can too."
2. "When things are changed once, this means that there really is no definition at all and it can therefore be changed numerous times."
3. "Polygamy was the norm." This is simply a false statement. I am not aware of polygamy being a norm... at least among common folk. Certainly it was practiced among that wealthy and politically influential, but I am not too sure about it being a "norm".
4. "Acceptable" is a tricky word. There are some things that are acceptable because they are necessary, and there are some things that are acceptably because they are ideal. I'm not too sure that God found polygamy ideal even if it was acceptable given the circumstances of the people He was dealing with.
5. "Polygamy is taboo." Not it isn't. It is simply impossible. At least for the baptized. Marriage was restricted to a monogamous relationship after Christ established the Sacrament. This doesn't make the former taboo, it simply makes it impossible. A restriction is not a change in substantial meaning. A man still may marry a woman. But, it stops there. In polygamy, he could repeat that process. But, there isn't a change in substance here. In both monogamy and polygamy there was a man marrying a woman. So, the comparison here is untenable. With polygamy to monogamy we are dealing with a restriction of how many times the action can be repeated. With heterosexual to homosexual we are dealing not with repetition, but with substantial change in meaning.

I could go on, but that is enough...

As to number 1, it is clearly false. If God changes something it is always to make it better. Before Sacramental marriage, there was only natural marriage. All that is being claimed here is that polygamy is allowed under Natural Law, but not under Sacramental Law. So, there is nothing to compare to gay marriage here.

As to number 2, I think that speaks for itself. We are not God. If God wants to change something (as he clearly did in the institution of marriage) it does not mean that we can then do the same. We restrict marriage to one because of a clear command of Christ. That is the authority. There is nothing about gay marriage. We cannot argue that "Christ changed it so we can as well."

As to number 3, I would simply like to see the evidence of that.

And I already responded to 4 and 5.


This explanation is clearer to me. Thank you.


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