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 Post subject: Re: Ensoulment and abortion
PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 6:30 pm 
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Solivagus in Mundi wrote:
Servant of Guadalupe wrote:
Dominic wrote:
Servant of Guadalupe wrote:
Well, the soul is the animating force behind a creature. All animals, and even plants, have a soul. The human soul happens to be a spirit as well, whereas animals and plants etc. do not have a spirit. So, being that a fetus, at conception, is animated, it would be only logical to say that the fetus has a soul. Being that said fetus is a human fetus, it would have a human soul. Being that human souls are spirits, the fetus would be a true human in essence.

Human souls are made of spirit.

Are you making an argument or simply agreeing with me?

I think he is agreeing with you as far as the part you quoted goes. Though I for one don't like the language of "made of spirit" only because it sounds like spirit is some generic substance you can fashion an angel, or a human soul or whatnot out of.

Or a hat....


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